Registration is once again a two step process this year for PRAFC.

1) Start through our website's registration process, and then upon completion you will be sent to,
2) Registration through Football Brisbane's new Play Football system.

Any problems, please contact the Club Secretary (see below for email address)

Sign On at the Clubhouse will be Friday 17th January 6pm to 8pm and Saturday 8th February 0900am - 1200pm for those that do not wish or cannot utilise the online registration systems.

Contact the Club Secretary: for any queries

2020 Volunteers available
Please see below positions and rewards.

Register your player/s here

Fair Play

Season 2020

Its football time again! Time to dust off the boots and wash those shin pads ready for another season. Pine Rivers Athletic Football Club needs your help in upholding our fine tradition of family oriented club and inclusiveness of all families, officials and players. Sign up and enjoy another season in 2020

Registrations Day will be held at the Clubhouse on Friday 17.01.2020 from 6pm to 8pm and Saturday 08.02.2020 from 0900 am to 12pm

Please ensure you start your registration process with this site first AND than also register with Football Brisbane at YOU DO NOT PAY ON THE FOOTBALL BRISBANE SITE. ALL PAYMENTS OR PAYMENT PLANS THROUGH PINE RIVERS ATHLETIC FOOTBALL CLUB WEBSITE.

Register Now

FairPlay Voucher scheme July 2020

The latest FairPlay Vouchers round opened for applications on 6 July 2020.

Prior to the round opening, ensure you have a QGrants account set up and know your login details so you are ready to apply for a voucher.

Vouchers must be PRINTED AND SIGNED then presented to Rebecca Bowles (Club Support Executive) ASAP. Vouchers will expire after November.

There is a great YouTube video you can refer to here: 

For further information refer to

2020 Fee Structure

As expected the 2020 Fees have increased in line with expected increases in Association and Player Affiliation Fees and Club forecasted expenses.

Volunteer Pass $75 per family
See Volunteer Pass Information below for possibly ways to recoup your financial outlay during the season or email the Club Secretary for more information. The Junior Teams are always looking for coaches and team managers who are experienced in the game, so a perfect fit for those Seniors that have the time.

Fees are to be paid in full before the first round of the season unless a payment plan has been approved.

PRAFC will not be offering the Kick Off program, or entering Women and Men's Capital League teams in 2020.

Junior - Mini Roos (U6 - U11)$360          plus $75 volunteer pass (limited to 1 per family)
Junior - Competitive (U12 - U16)$400        plus $75 volunteer pass (limited to 1 per family)
Women - Senior Youth U17-U18
(born 2002 and 2003)
$440        plus $75 volunteer pass (limited to 1 per family)
Men - Senior Youth U17-U18
(born 2002 and 2003)
$510        plus $75 volunteer pass (limited to 1 per family)
Women - Senior (City League)$485        plus $75 volunteer pass (limited to 1 per family)
Men - Senior (City League)$535        plus $75 volunteer pass (limited to 1 per family)

Includes:  Club membership, affiliation fees and levies, player registration, electricity, all referee and linesman fees, playing strips, Director of Coaching and physiotherapist (where applicable), bank fees, audits, building and contents and public liability insurance, line marking, trophies, equipment, cleaning and waste removal, security monitoring, sinking fund, office and bathroom suppliers, repairs and maintenance.  Excluding team photo, shorts and socks.

Reduce Your Fees

- Apply for a Volunteer Reward Info Pack and Application Form - rewards from $125 to $500 available through the Volunteer Reward Program (see below). These are paid around the end of July 2020 and cannot be used to reduce your fees at time of registration.
- Get rewards from Club Fundraising Events ($ values to be confirmed)
- Qld Government's FairPlay Voucher valued at $150.  Round 2 for 2020 opens 22nd January.  Be quick.  Limited numbers.  Once forms are submitted it takes up to 10 working days to process.  After the Club received the funds the amount will be offset against the registration.  (Contact the Club Support Executive or Treasurer for more information on voucher rebate procedure).
- For flexible payment options - contact the Secretary and Treasurer.

Volunteer Reward Program

If you volunteer, your $75 (per family) 'Volunteer Pass' is reimbursed as part of the Volunteer Reward ($125 to $575) dependent on the role you volunteer for and application accepted by the Committee. These are paid around the end of July 2020 and cannot be used to reduce your fees at time of registration.

The reward is determined by what position you take on.

The $ values can be found here in the Volunteer Reward Info Pack and Application Form or from the Club Secretary. 

Note the $ amount includes the $75 'Volunteer Pass' value (excludes Get Started vouchers).

All volunteers from 2019 are required to reapply for 2020 volunteer positions.

For those who want to volunteer but are not lucky enough to get a designated position, there are other 'one off' opportunities to reduce your costs. See the 'One Off' volunteer positions below.

Business Management

President $575 POSITION FILLED

Secretary $575 POSITION FILLED

Treasurer $575 POSITION FILLED


Club Support $575 POSITION FILLED

Football Operations     $575 VACANT

Business Operations

Events Coordinator   $100 + Negotiated with Executive Committee depending on event VACANT

Revenue Operations - Business

Merchandise & Equipment Coordinator $350 POSITION FILLED

Fundraising and Sponsorship Coordinator $350 VACANT

Grant Writer $350 VACANT

Football Management

Mini Roos Competition Manager $450 POSITION FILLED

Junior Competition Manager $450 POSITION FILLED

Senior Competition Manager $450 VACANT

Football Operations

Referee Coordinator $350 POSITION FILLED

Client Service - Football

Senior Coach $425

Coach Youth $375

Coach Junior (U12-U16) $325

Coach Grass Roots (Mini Roos) $200

Team Managers $125

One Off Volunteer Positions

Event set up and pull down volunteers  $ Negotiated with Exec Committee depending on type of event
Fundraising event volunteers                 $ Negotiated with Exec Committee depending on type of event
Event and holiday program volunteers   $ Negotiated with Exec Committee depending on type of event

What does your registration fee cover?

Pine Rivers Athletic Football Club uses the fees paid each season to pay for the following:


  • National Registration Fee for each player (FFA)
    • State Registration Fee - Football Queensland for each player
      • Football Brisbane Registration Fee 
    • Competition Affiliation fees
    • Player Insurance
    • Individual Player Trophy for all Mini Roos 
    • Team Trophies for Junior Players (3 trophies per team, recipients nominated by coaches and players)
    • Game Jerseys – use throughout the season
    • Referee and linesmen fees for the Competition Season
      (Please note: fees for friendlies prior to the start of the season may not be included in the cost)
    • Repairs and replacement of Game Jerseys as required
    • Director of Coaching Fees
    • Coaching Education
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • First Aid Equipment and supplies
    • Lease of Fields from Pine Rivers United Sports Club
    • Maintenance and purchasing of coaching/playing equipment (cones, bibs, portable goals, ladders, pump, nets, corner posts, linesman flags etc)
    • Electricity for fields’ lighting usage.
    • Mowing and Weeding of all fields
    • Weekly Line Marking costs
    • Administration Costs

At PRAFC we understand that circumstances change and/or children and adults change their minds about playing for a season or at which club they want to play. Please refer to the PRAFC fees policy for full details on the refund policy.

Registration Refund Policy

  • Pine Rivers Athletic Football Club Committee may agree to a refund of some or all the fee paid by a player/parent. Withdrawal of registration and requests for refund of fees paid must be submitted to the PRAFC Committee via email to outlining in detail the reason/s for the refund request.
  • Where a refund is authorised by the Committee the refund payment will only be made to the person who made the original payment.
  • If a registered player cannot be placed into a team, a full refund of the registration fees will be given without incurring an administration fee.
  • If a player withdraws and the club accepts the withdrawal before the club submits the player’s registration to Football Brisbane the registration fee will be refunded less an administration fee of $25.00.
  • If a player withdrawal is accepted by the club after the club submits that player’s registration to Football Brisbane the club will refund the club component of fees only, less an administration fee of $25.00.

Refund after Round One (1)
  • No refund will made after Round 1 has been played, unless the committee, in its sole discretion, determines that special circumstances warrant such refund.
  • Refunds will only be considered on specific circumstances (injury, illness or unforeseen family circumstances) on an individual basis by the committee.
  • Any refund authorised will only apply to the Club Fee component and/or the Volunteer Reward Program component. The refund will be pro-rated against the proportion of the competition season that has elapsed.
  • With respect to the Volunteer Reward Program component, if this position is shared within the team, then only the share proportion that applies to the person in question will be considered for refund.

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