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Last updated 7 Jul 2024
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2023 Weekly Recaps

This page has all the weekly recaps for our Miniroos and Senior Metro games.
The recaps are submitted by our dedicated coaches and support staff.

Semi Finals - Metro 8 Men's

Next up: FINALS!

Our Metro 8 Men's team remains undefeated with a 3-1 win over Taringa Rovers in the Men’s Metro 8 Semi Final.

“Excellent team performance in a hard-fought semi-final win. Still undefeated and to the final we go!” – Aiden Hurst (Coach)

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm

Round 18 Men's Metro 8


What a gr8 way to finish the season!

After a convincing 8-0 win over North Pine last weekend, our Metro 8 Men have finished their regular season undefeated and top of the ladder.

“Great team performance to finish the season off and now the boys are ready and focused for the finals!” – Aiden Hurst

Semi-finals kick off this Saturday, get down to Wendy Allison and show your support for our Metro 8 Men!


Round 18 Women's Metro 1

PRAFC 1 - 0 Eastern Suburbs FC

1 last goal and 1 last win for our Metro 1 Women.

“Can’t complain about finishing the season off with a win, especially when it is sealed by a long-range strike from Jenna! Well played and great season ladies!” – Matthew Sumpton (Head Coach)


Round 17 Women's Metro 1

Four the win!⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Our Metro 1 Women bring home another win this week, beating Slacks Creek FC 4-0 last Sunday.

“Great performance by the team! Simple football, done well, led to a comfortable 4-0 win! Proud of the team.” – Matthew Sumpton (Head Coach)


Kaylene ⚽️⚽️

Amy B ⚽️

Jenna ⚽️

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm

Round 16 Women's Metro 1

+2 Goals

+3 Points

Our Metro 1 Women secured a win over Mitchelton FC last weekend!

"After a scoreless first half, the team did a great job to get control of the game for the second. Great performance by all!" - Matthew Sumpton (Head Coach)

Kaylene ⚽️
Cara ⚽️

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm

Round 15 Women's Metro 3

They are on fire! 🔥

Our Women's Metro 3 team continue their win streak, earning another 3 points against Caboolture SFC. 💙💛

"A dominant display from start to finish. Passing and moving was the order of the day and a much improved performance from our previous game. The win was crucial in our quest for a finals spot and was well deserved!" - Paul Barter (Coach)

Amy Norman ⚽️
Ness ⚽️
Jo ⚽️

Miniroos U6 Magic

Fantastic ⚽️🌟

Great work to all the U6 Magic for working together and scoring some amazing goals!

🏆 Player of the Match was awarded to Bjorn for his solid defence work and passing to his team mates to help stop the opposition from scoring. Congratulation Bjorn!

Get keen for more Magic this weekend!

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 18)

Round 15 Women's Metro 1

Home game! 💛💙

Our Metro 1 Women kicked off last Saturday at Wendy Allison. Score was 1-1 at halftime but with some injuries and players out of position, the game tipped in favour of the opposition.

🏆Joint Player of the Match was awarded to Brooke and Tandya for controlling their respective areas of the field and supporting those around them.

🦈Goose of the Game was awarded to Sarah for her spectacular unintentional acrobatics.

Thanks to Katie, Kara, Nat, Angela, and Eve for helping the team out!

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm

Round 14 Women's Metro 1

Mid-week match!

An extremely tough start to the match for our Metro 1 Women with 5 players arriving after kick-off due to traffic, which unfortunately gave the opposition early opportunities to score.

“The team dug deep and were able to settle back into their usual game style, but unable to recover from there. Great effort ladies!” -Matthew Sumpton (Head Coach)

Massive thanks to Liss, Rach and Katie for making the long journey out to help!

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm

Round 13 Women's Metro 3

And… they’re back! 💛💙
After the two week break our Metro 3 Women have resumed their win streak with a 1-0 victory over Taringa Rovers FC.

An early goal from Eve put them in front and plenty of chances on goal threatened to extend the lead throughout the game.

‘Credit to Taringa for a spirited defensive performance with only nine players. We’ll take the 3 points and look forward to next weekend.’ - Paul Barter (Coach)

Eve ⚽️

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Round 12 Women's Metro 3


Fantastic results for our Metro 3 Women with a 5-0 victory over Pine Hills.  💪🏼⚽️ 

"A dominant display after a tough few games. The three points never looked in danger." - Paul Barter (Coach)

🏆 Player of the Match was awarded to Flick, who was Captain for the day and had a very solid display in defence.
🦈 Goose of the Game was awarded to Sara for entertaining the team throughout the match.

A massive thanks to Kaz, Danni and Loni for helping Div 3 out 💙💛

Katie ⚽️⚽️ Elisa ⚽️⚽️ Ness ⚽️

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm

Round 10 Men's Metro 8


Three points and three goals for our Men's Metro 8 team.

This was a fantastic team performance with player availability and illness leaving the men short on numbers and playing players out of position.

🏆 Player of the Match was awarded to Jake, Jake was one of many playing out of position put in an incredible performance to help the team remain undefeated and top of the table.


Round 10 Women's Metro 1

Pen Power 5 - 1 PRAFC

The first half could have gone either with both teams making critical goal line saves. Unfortunately, a few early goals in the second half swung momentum heavily in Pen Power's favour. Big thanks to Nat and Liss for helping us out!


Round 10 Women's Metro 3


Our Metro 3 Women beat Taringa Rovers 2-0!

"One of our best passing displays this season. Big thanks to Charlotte and Ange for helping us out!" - Paul Barter (Coach)

🏆 Player of the Match was awarded to Alyssa who played exceptionally well across multiple positions across defence and midfield.

🦈 Goose of the Game was awarded to Katie for multiple falls and managing to get her boot laces tangled with an opposition defender.



Round 9 Women's Metro 3


We were down 1-0 at half time but the second half worked more in our favour with a lot of good opportunities to score. Unfortunately without any subs we ran out of steam towards the end. Not the result we wanted, but well done ladies!


Round 9 Women's Metro 1

Not a walk in the (New Farm) park.

A tough test for our Metro 1 women who took on an undefeated New Farm side last weekend.

"The backline did an exceptional job keeping the skilful and fast New Farm forwards under control. Great work ladies and a big thank you to Nat, Sara, Katie and Caito for coming along to help us out!" - Matthew Sumpton (Head Coach)


Round 8 Women's Metro 1

PRAFC 2 - 1 Eastern Suburbs

A hard fought match for Mother's day, with both teams remaining scoreless for the first half. Goals from Kaylene and Kenny put us ahead, with the team working well as a unit to keep the pressure on to the very end. Well played ladies!

Kaylene⚽️   Kenny⚽️  


Round 8 Women's Metro 3

Caboolture 1-1

A topsy turvy game, we started well but conceded, Caboolture then upped their game until half time. A great second half saw a deserved equalizer from a tight angle from Elisa and we finished strongly but couldn't get the winner. Spoils shared.



Round 8 Men's Metro 8

North Pine 4-0 win to Pine Rivers

A comfortable win keeps us undefeated and challenging for the top spot of the league.

🏆 Player of the Match was awarded to Harvey who was vital in keeping another clean sheet and continuing our teams good performances.


Round 7 Men's Metro 8

What a win!

Congratulations to our Metro 8 Men's team who beat a tough Mitchelton side last Sunday.

Despite challenging pitch conditions, the team was able to defeat home side Mitchelton with an impressive 5-0 win. 
🏆 Player of the Match was awarded to Min for his expert control of the ball and dribbling throughout the match.
Congrats Min!

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 15)

Round 8 Women's Metro 4

The Gap 3-2 win to Rivers

The team have been struggling with injuries the last few weeks, the ladies had to dig deep for the win.

"Julia was exceptional all game and so happy she put one into the back of the net!" - Rebecca Bowles (Coach)

🏆 Player of the Match was awarded to Julia for her outstanding performance. Congrats Julia!


Alissa ⚽️   Julia ⚽️   Katie ⚽️  


Round 8 Women's Metro 3

Home victories are the best 💛💙

A dominant display from our Metro 3 Women last weekend, who beat Taringa Rovers 2-1.

"We were very strong - with loads of chances created, we deserved more goals but a win is a win!" - Paul Barter

🏆 Player of the Match was awarded to Liss for her solid display in centre midfield. Congrats Liss! 

🦈 Goose of the Game was awarded to Greta.


Katie ⚽️

Eve ⚽️

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 10)

Miniroos U6 Magic

What a fun Under 6s soccer game last Saturday! 

The U6 Magic Miniroos gave it their all and worked exceptionally well as a team!⚽️🌟

Well done boys! We are excited for next week's game!

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 13)

Round 7 Women's Metro 3

A tough game for our Div 3 Women who faced 2nd place Brighton last weekend.
“We started with ten players on the field and held on strong for the first half. After Katie scored to take the lead, we nearly did the job but Brighton scored 3 in the last ten minutes to take the points.” - Paul Barter
A huge welcome to Lisa for signing up and a huge welcome back to Caito, who returned to playing action and was skipper for the day!


Round 7 Women's Metro 1

You’ve gotta love a hat-trick! ⚽️⚽️⚽️
It was a tough night for our Metro 1 Women’s team, who took on Slacks Creek FC. Kenny began her 3 goal streak with a goal in the first minute of the match - great work Kenny!
“A tough game! Well played ladies, we will get them next time!” - Matthew Sumpton (Head Coach)
🏆 Player of the Match was awarded to Kenny for her hat-trick and high work rate all game.
🦈 Goose of the Game was awarded to Jess for her hilarious sideline antics!
Congrats Kenny and Jess!


Round 7 Men's Metro 8

Our Metro 8 men battled a strong Taringa Rovers side, coming out victorious with a 3-1 win.  

🏆 Player of the Match was awarded to Keegan. 

“Our team played incredibly well as a unit and took the win with a strong second half performance. Keegan was recognised by his team for the efforts he put in during the match. Well done Keegan!” - Aiden Hurst

#RiversFootball #2023Season


Round 6 Women's Metro 4

Amazing home win!🌟

Our Metro 4 Women's team beat The Gap 5-1 last Saturday.

"The team worked amazingly together. This was Loni’s return to Football after a few years away from the game. Loni definitely showed she still has what it takes." Rebecca Bowles (Coach)

🏆 Player of the Match was awarded to Loni for her outstanding return match!


Natalie ⚽️⚽️ Vanessa ⚽️ Zoe ⚽️ Own goal ⚽️


Round 6 Women's Metro 1

Our Metro 1 Women are back with a 2-0 win over Mitchelton FC! 

Brooke opened the scoring in the first half with an absolute rocket in the back of the net 🚀 Despite a difficult second half, Nat secured the win for the team with a second goal in the second half! 💪🏼

‘Very happy with the team performance today, everyone played extremely well! Big thanks to Nat, Kate, Sara and Jo for helping us out!’ - Matthew Sumpton (Head Coach)


Round 6 Men's Metro 8

Our Metro 8 Men’s team put on a great team performance last weekend, securing a crucial 3 points and a win over Caboolture SFC Red.

🏆Player of the Match was awarded to Nick On his first game back this season, Nick played a vital role in the game, taking on multiple positions and providing two assists. Congrats Nick!


Round 5 Men's Metro 7

Last night our Men’s Metro 7 team battled hard against Pine Hills FC. ⚽️

🏆 Player of the Match was awarded to Jeame. 

Jeame was a stand-out performer, scoring 2 goals and working incredibly hard to create chances all game.

Congrats Jeame!

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 9)

Round 5 Men's Metro 8

Mid-week mayhem! ⚽️

Our Metro 8 Men’s team secured a 5-0 home victory against Northside Christian FC last Wednesday night! 💪🏼

“The entire team played incredibly with Ben firing away all 5 goals himself. All in all, a great result, we are fired up and ready to go again on Friday.” -Aiden Hurst

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Round 4 - Women's Metro 1

Superb result for our Women’s Metro 1 team with a 4-1 victory over Redcliffe Dolphins. 💪🏼
“Another convincing win this weekend to keep our winning streak alive! Well played ladies.” - Matthew Sumpton (Head Coach) 
Jorgia ⚽️
Amy ⚽️
Tandya ⚽️
Kenny ⚽️

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Round 3 - Women's Metro 3

Commanding display from our Women's Metro 3 team last Sunday as they maintained their 100% win record with a 2-3 win against Pine Hills FC.

🏆 Player of the Match was awarded to Liss for her strong display in the centre of defence. Congrats Liss!
🦈 Goose of the Game was awarded to Sara.

⚽️⚽️ Kaylene
⚽️ Kate

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 7)Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 6)

Round 3 - Women's Metro 1

Smiles all round for our Women's Metro 1 team this week, securing a 4-2 victory over Jimboomba FC! 😁
"Even with a highly aggressive and physical opposition we kept our cool and played our game. Another fantastic win for the ladies!" - Matthew Sumpton (Head Coach)

 Massive thanks to Jo for making the journey out to Jimboomba to help out the 1s!

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 5)

Round 3 - Men's Metro 8

Fantastic result for our Men's Metro 8 team this Saturday, securing a 6-2 win over Westside Grovely FC! 
The whole team played incredibly well, 🏆 Player of the Match awarded to Keegan. 
"Keegan was a massive standout in a fantastic team performance with two crucial goals from him coming at an important time to put the game to bed." - Aiden Hurst
Well done Keegan! 😴

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 4)

Round 2 - Men's Metro 8

A hot and sunny game day for our Men's Metro 8 team! ☀️⚽️ 
Jake and the team held strong onto a 3-3 scoreline until the 60th minute when the heat and a very strong Pine Hills side took the game away. 
🏆 Player of the match was awarded to Jake.
"Jake played exceptionally well in defence and ran his heart out on a hot and sunny afternoon game. He played so hard he couldn't even keep his drink down after the game!" - Aiden Hurst
Congrats to Jake on a well-earned POTM!

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 2)

Round 2 - Women's Metro 3

Wow! A goal bonanza on a blistering hot afternoon down at Wendy Allison to welcome Newmarket! 
Captain Jo lead the team through to a 4-1 half time lead which ballooned out to an impressive 12-2 victory.
Player of the Match was awarded to Flick and top goalscorer was Katie with an impressive 4 goals!
Congrats to our Metro 3 team on such an impressive win!

Katie ⚽⚽⚽⚽
Eliza ⚽⚽
Kaylene ⚽⚽
(Own goal⚽)

Copy of  Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 2)

Round 2 - Women's Metro 1

Big night for our Metro 1 team last Saturday with a dominant 3-0 win against UQFC! 💪🏼⚽️ 
🏆 Player of the match was awarded to Hannah for making several incredibly crucial saves throughout the game.
🦈 Goose of the Game was awarded to Cara for entertaining the team by forgetting how to drink from a water bottle.

Copy of  Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm

Round 1 - Men's Metro 8

In an end to end opener game, our Men's Metro 8 team fought hard to secure a 3-3 draw against Brighton Bulldogs.
Despite the rainy weather, the team played their hearts out. Player of the Match was awarded to Bway, who played multiple positions and was vital in helping the team secure the draw.

Congrats on a well-deserved Player of the Match, Bway!

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 1)

Round 1 - Women's Metro 3

✌️+✌️= 4 goals for our Women's Metro 3 Team!
An excellent start to the season for our Women’s Metro 3 Team, who beat Caboolture SFC 3-4 away last night in the rain!
"Awesome display in the wet for our first game of the season. We dug deep and ground out the three points in a see-saw of a game." - Paul Barter (Coach)
Congratulations to the goal scorers:
Elisa ⚽⚽
Kaylene ⚽⚽
Fun fact: Elisa equals her goals scored from last season (2) in her first game in Division 3! Congrats Elisa!

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm

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