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Last updated 6 Mar 2023
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2023 Weekly Recaps

This page has all the weekly recaps for our Metro Men's and Women's games.
The recaps are submitted by our dedicated coaches and support staff.

Round 2 - Men's Metro 8

A hot and sunny game day for our Men's Metro 8 team! β˜€οΈβš½οΈ 
Jake and the team held strong onto a 3-3 scoreline until the 60th minute when the heat and a very strong Pine Hills side took the game away. 
πŸ† Player of the match was awarded to Jake.
"Jake played exceptionally well in defence and ran his heart out on a hot and sunny afternoon game. He played so hard he couldn't even keep his drink down after the game!" - Aiden Hurst
Congrats to Jake on a well-earned POTM!

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 2)

Round 2 - Women's Metro 3

Wow! A goal bonanza on a blistering hot afternoon down at Wendy Allison to welcome Newmarket! 
Captain Jo lead the team through to a 4-1 half time lead which ballooned out to an impressive 12-2 victory.
Player of the Match was awarded to Flick and top goalscorer was Katie with an impressive 4 goals!
Congrats to our Metro 3 team on such an impressive win!

Katie βš½βš½βš½βš½
Eliza βš½βš½
Kaylene βš½βš½
Jo βš½
Amy βš½
Ness βš½
(Own goal⚽)

Copy of  Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 2)

Round 2 - Women's Metro 1

Big night for our Metro 1 team last Saturday with a dominant 3-0 win against UQFC! πŸ’ͺ🏼⚽️ 
πŸ† Player of the match was awarded to Hannah for making several incredibly crucial saves throughout the game.
🦈 Goose of the Game was awarded to Cara for entertaining the team by forgetting how to drink from a water bottle.

Copy of  Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm

Round 1 - Men's Metro 8

In an end to end opener game, our Men's Metro 8 team fought hard to secure a 3-3 draw against Brighton Bulldogs.
Despite the rainy weather, the team played their hearts out. Player of the Match was awarded to Bway, who played multiple positions and was vital in helping the team secure the draw.

Congrats on a well-deserved Player of the Match, Bway!

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm ( 1)

Round 1 - Women's Metro 3

✌️+✌️= 4 goals for our Women's Metro 3 Team!
An excellent start to the season for our Women’s Metro 3 Team, who beat Caboolture SFC 3-4 away last night in the rain!
"Awesome display in the wet for our first game of the season. We dug deep and ground out the three points in a see-saw of a game." - Paul Barter (Coach)
Congratulations to the goal scorers:
Elisa ⚽⚽
Kaylene ⚽⚽
Fun fact: Elisa equals her goals scored from last season (2) in her first game in Division 3! Congrats Elisa!

Sunday 23, 07. 00 pm

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