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Last updated 4 Feb 2024
Field 1 (Main) - Wendy Allison ParkClosed
Field 5 - John Davidson ParkOpen
MiniRoos Fields - Wendy Allison Park (SSF 1 - SSF4)Open

Season 2024

Season 2024

Event Dates

StartThursday 4 January 2024

FinishThursday 24 October 2024

Registration Dates

OpenFriday 5 January 2024

CloseSaturday 31 August 2024

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Season 2024 is here!!

Please start your registration here, where you will organise payment for the club components of your membership and can choose a payment plan that suits you. You then need to follow the link to complete your registration at SQUADI.

NOTE - FOOTBALL QUEENSLAND will collect the FQ / FA fees through Squadi. We have amended the costs on that site to allow you to only pay that FQ / FA fee when you register at Squadi
**** We can not set up the system to allow payment plans in Squadi as the club account would immediately be charged for the full FQ/FA fees when you register, and this is not feasible. ****

  If you want to play FQPL specifically, please select it as the fees represent the additional costs the club incurs for this competition. Your shorts, socks and polo are included in your fees for FQPL to recognise the presentation standards we want to maintain.

If you would like to play Men's Metro League specifically, please register for this level so that we can gauge how many teams we will need to nominate.

Little Rivers will be based in term 2, 2024 and will be dependent on enough registrations to make it viable. You do not need to register at Squadi for Little Rivers players.

***** PLEASE NOTE - for ALL OTHER COMPETITIONS - if you do not do your Squadi registration - we WILL NOT be able to let you play as it will be a contravention of the FQ rules of competition and you would not be covered by insurance. ******


    • Playing Fees
    • 110 Little Rivers - 8 Week Block
    • 310.50 MiniRoos (Under 6 - Under 12)
    • 339.50 Junior Competitive (Under 13 - Under 16)
    • 361 Senior Men Metro League
    • 461 Senior Men FQL (Youth & Senior) (Includes Shorts/Socks/Club Shirt)
    • 331 Senior Women Metro League

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardPayment Plan, Cash, Bank Transfer

Pine Rivers Athletic FC would like to thank David Deane for their sponsorship.
David Deane
Phone 3817 6666

Terms and conditions

  • I agree to the Terms and Conditions of Pine Rivers Football Club INC relating to Club, Member, Player, Parent and Spectator Policies and subsequent Codes of Conduct including those of Football Queensland and other related affiliations and website provider Majestri Pty Ltd.
  • Senior Men City League membership is only applicable to players looking to play in the Metro League competition. All members wishing to play in FQPL competitions will pay the rate outlined in FQPL League. The club reserves the right to invoice any player choosing the Metro League option who is subsequently re-graded to FQPL5 for the difference in fees between these two levels of football.
  • As per the policies of the club, refunds after playing or training are solely at the discretion of the committee and will be prorated if granted. All decisions regarding refunds will not be processed until after the next applicable management committee meeting.
    The club reserves the right to deny playing time to any player who is not financially current at the commencement of a game. For the avoidance of doubt, financially current either represents a fully paid player or a player on a current and up to date payment plan.
  • I acknowledge that by completing this application, I will be designated as a 'playing member' of the club and as per the Rules of Association for the club set out in Rule 5(1) entitled to vote at General Meetings subject to the following clauses:
    (c) if over the age of eighteen (18) years, entitled to one (1) vote as described in Rule 1 (28), on payment of their membership and activity fees;
    (d) if under the age of eighteen (18) years and on payment of their membership and full activity fees, entitled to one (1) vote per family as described in Rule 1 (28), regardless of how many player members under the age of eighteen (18) are in that family. Only a parent or legal guardian may cast the vote on behalf of the player member

    This membership will run from January 1 to December 31 of the calendar year and I acknowledge that the ability to renew will be constrained by PRAFCs ability to commence a new registration period.